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Sports Federation
Management System (SFMS)
Sports Federation Management System SFMS is a multi-user software that consists of 4 integrated modules: Database, Event Management, Secretarial Program and Information Portal and helps Federation executives and organizing committees automate key management processes
Multi-user module that helps to work with the data of athletes, coaches, referees, clubs and other members of the sports federation
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  • Personal accounts of athletes, coaches, referees, officials of federations and clubs with different access levels;
  • Collection, processing and storage of historical and current data in the web interface from any browser;
  • Filtering data by a variety of parameters - gender, age, skill level, statuses, documents, and others;
  • Tracking the size of equipment and the history of its issuance
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  • Automation of licencing and membership fees, fees for participating in competitions, for certification and seminars;
  • Document flow automation - electronic licenses, regulations, generation of certificates of attestation, seminars, final protocols of the competition. Tracking the relevance of the required documents;
  • Customizable mass communication - automation of email campaigns and in-system notifications;
  • Customizable ranking system
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  • A single ecosystem with regional federations, sports schools, academies and clubs;
  • Customizable reporting and statistics;
  • Safe storage of personal data
Events management
Multi-user module for organizing sports events
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  • Creation and customization of events of different types - competition, certification, seminar;
  • Creation of an organizing committee and formation of requirements for participants;
  • Formation of teams, team and individual applications for competitions
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  • Collecting information about arrival time and accommodation;
  • Accreditation of participants and guests of events;
  • Automation of tracking of current documents and payments;
  • Integration with timing and scoring systems
Secretary application
Professional tournament management system
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● Automation of the work of referees and competition secretaries;

● Automation of drawing lots, weighing and other procedures required for the event;

● Formation and management of the event schedule.
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● Integration with the event scoreboard for data output;

● Integration with timing and scoring systems;

● Multithreaded transmission of event progress data for content consumers.
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  • Tools for the work of referees at the event;
  • Generation of the final protocols of the competition
Informational portal
Module to display real-time data on athletes and events for fans
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    • Display of up-to-date information about athletes and tournaments for spectators and fans;
    • The system of updating and displaying the ratings of athletes and teams;
    • Integration with video content providers, YouTube and Facebook for live streaming of tournaments
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      • Displaying help information about local clubs for children, parents and amateur athletes;
      • SEO-optimization of athletes' pages to improve the search results of the federation website and attract advertisers to the site;
      • Integration with the federation site.