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Management system for large scale
sporting events (GMS)
II European Games in numbers
The Game Management System (GMS) was developed for II European Games 2019 in Minsk.

When developing, we took into account the standards and requirements of international organizations such as the IOC, EOK, sports federations. World-class specialists with experience in organizing the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, the first European Games in Baku, EXPO-2017 in Astana, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, etc.
The service processes tens of thousands of applications from event participants and allows them to get access to venues
In the Accreditation module, you can create registration forms for each type of participant. The registration form can collect the necessary data:
  • general information;
  • sport, discipline and event (s);
  • passport data;
  • organization;
  • position;
  • medical data, etc.
The module is used for verification by the security services of the Games, allows you to track and change the accreditation status of participants, as well as set up and print accreditation cards.
Mobile accreditation scanner
The ACR-Scanner mobile application is designed to activate and verify the accreditation cards of the event participants
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The main task of the application is to scan accreditation cards in order to activate them and access the event venues using a mobile phone.

The main advantage of the scanner is the database integrated with the Accreditation module and the possibility of stable operation in points with unstable Internet connection.
The module is designed for planning the delivery of goods to the venue of events
The module allows you to manage delivery orders, draw up delivery schedules and, therefore, coordinate the movement of trucks at the checkpoints of the facility. Knowing the planned delivery volume, you can competently organize a team at the facility.
Medical encounters
The module is designed to track all significant medical events, register injuries and diseases of athletes, as well as register all medical cases with guests and spectators of the competition
The module helps to register injuries and illnesses of participants and other medical events, as well as collect information about the history of medical care for guests. It also allows event medical staff to create, print and issue medical prescriptions to athletes and monitor the availability of medication on site.
Medical encounters
The Planner module is a calendar that helps users plan and monitor daily events at venues during an event
The module contains the schedule of all sports and non-sports events. Activities can be viewed in various modes, including day or month.

The uniqueness of the Scheduler lies in the fact that it allows you to create: key events (for example, a sporting event, opening or closing ceremony), related (for example, opening an entrance gate) or fixed activities (for example, training athletes). Time changes in key events are automatically reflected in associated activities and notify everyone associated with that event.
Arrivals and Departures
The module helps to collect information about the arrivals and departures of participants and guests for planning and organizing transportation and accommodation
The module integrates the time, date and number of guests, and also keeps track of any baggage, from oversized equipment to sporting weapons, in order to provide appropriate escort services, as well as appoint a meeting
Arrivals and Departures
The module is responsible for managing booking requests, rooms and allocation of rooms in hotels and Athletes' Village
The module helps to organize the number of rooms of the event, draw up cards of hotels and rooms, keep track of free ones depending on the level and quotas.

Participants and guests of the event from their personal account can send individual or group booking requests.
Sport entries and qualifications
The module collects and processes data of athletes who are eligible to participate in the event
The module displays a long list of athletes and helps to create a short list of selected athletes to compete.

Also create quotas for each sporting discipline, limit the number of participants from each participating country, and include individual athletes or teams in disciplines or events.

In the event of force majeure after the deadline for submission of applications, the module allows you to manage the replacement of athletes and exchange data with timing and scoring systems..
Sports entries and qualifications
Application for the Games official taxi
Games Taxi chatbot is designed for ordering a taxi by accredited persons of the event
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It is a tool for receiving, processing and fulfilling requests by the driver for the transportation of passengers during the event.

Games Taxi application has a common integrated database with the "Transport Management" module. The main function of the Games Taxi application is to transfer requests to the driver from customers registered in the Transport Management module, as well as to transfer requests to the driver from call center dispatchers.

With the Games Taxi app, event transport dispatchers can track the current and planned occupancy of drivers involved in the event.
The module is responsible for vehicle accreditation and ordering for Games Taxi
The module is designed to issue permits for parking cars at event venues, organize the movement of people between event venues and provide a certain number of cars at a certain time and place.

The module is also a dispatch station for the official Games Taxi with the ability to track shifts and assign drivers to shifts, track fines and breakdowns, fuel tracker
Guests and protocol management
The module is designed to manage the provision of additional services and services to VIP guests and delegations
The module is intended for managers working with VIP protocol services. It allows you to keep track of the number of guests present, coordinate invitations and guest participation in events through their assistants. The device provides information about arrival / departure and accommodation of guests. Information about your guest's arrival and departure can help you arrange transportation. If you arrange accommodation for your guest, you can track this data in this module.
Guests and protocol management
Workforce and volunteers management
The module helps to accept and process volunteer applications, conduct remote training and testing of volunteers and staff, assign to shifts and positions in accordance with skills and rating
Registration is carried out on the volunteer portal following the link on the Official website. The module helps organize meetings and automatically send email invitations and notifications in the app.

Also, managers can conduct online testing and training of staff and volunteers and track the results, and then form schedules of shifts and positions.
Workforce and volunteer management
Mobile scanner for volunteer accounting
The module is designed to check the accreditation cards of volunteers and staff and register them for shifts
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The database is integrated with the Accreditation and Workforce and Volunteers modules, online and offline work.
Equipment management
The module is designed to control the distribution of equipment to volunteers and staff
The module helps to compile a catalog of equipment, tools, electronic devices and equipment for staff and volunteers, to form "packages" depending on the role and positions of staff and control their issuance and receipt.
Equipment management
Mobile scanner of equipment accounting
The module is designed to check the accreditation cards of event participants and provide them with equipment in accordance with their role
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The database is integrated with the modules Accreditation, Equipment, Workforce and volunteers management. The ability to manually enter the accreditation card number and work online and offline.